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Welcome to Tomeiland!

This site is designed so that Mr. Tomei’s Language Arts and Mathematics classes can have a safe place on the World Wide Web to share written work, respond to insights on literature, comment about peers’ written work and responses, answer and create problem solving puzzles, and leave feedback to Mr. Tomei.  This community web site will enable us to become stronger writers, readers, mathematicians, and thinkers.  

Be sure to check out the many exciting features on Tomeiland! 


Checking out the Writing in Mr. Tomei’s classroom!
Checking out the Reading Dialogue that goes on in Mr. Tomei’s classroom!
Testing Your Skills With Updated Interactive Math Problems!
The Opportunity to Share Funny Jokes!
Playing the Where in Tomeiland? Game!
Leaving Feedback to Mr. Tomei and Your Classmates!


Rules for Tomeiland! 

To ensure safety, courtesy, and quality on Tomeiland, you must follow the following rules when creating a post.  I encourage you to utilize this Web site to share your thoughts and feelings about published literature along with the literature of your peers, mathematical word problems, jokes you may have heard, or any other feedback you wish to tell me.  However, if your comments do not follow all the rules posted here they will be deleted before they show up on the Web.  Please keep in mind that when you create a comment to be published on this Web site you are representing not only the state of Connecticut, not only the town of Fairfield, not only Roger Ludlowe Middle School, and not only Mr. Tomei’s classroom, you are most importantly representing yourself.

  1. Be respectful.  Be responsible.
  2. Use only your first name.  If there is someone that has the same first name as you, use your first name and the first letter of your last name.  NO FULL NAMES!
  3. Do not use anybody else’s full name in your comments.  Do not use full names of schools or any other proper nouns that would give out your exact location. 
  4. All comments must follow the rules of the English language.  In other words, you must use proper grammar.  Every sentence must start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. 
  5. Words must be spelled correctly.  Edit your comments before hitting submit to make sure you did not misspell any words.  (NO SLANG!)  It might help to type your comment into a word document, spell check it, and then cut and paste it onto the Web site.
  6. All comments should be placed on the appropriate page.  For example, if you are leaving a math problem, it must go on the Math page.  If you are leaving feedback, it must be placed on the Feedback page.
  7. The Reading, Writing, and Math pages are for serious posts only.  Anyone is encouraged to post a comment on Reading page if you have read the book that is being discussed, even if you are not in my Language Arts class.  You may also submit compliments about the students’ written work even if you are not in my Language Arts class, as long as it follows ALL the rules above.
  8. If you submit a joke, it must follow all the rules above and be clean. (of course.)
  9. Feedback should be only questions or comments that you do not mind other people reading.  For example, you are not allowed to ask about your grades or about other students. 
  10. Participate and HAVE FUN!